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o    If you don’t know what it is, put it in your mouth.

o    It’s great to be the center of attention.

o    Make sure everyone’s watching before you take any really big steps.

o    Sometimes a hug is all you need.

o    If you love it, drool on it.

o    It’s okay to need help to stand on your own two feet.

o    Take a lot of naps.

o    There’s nothing wrong with putting your foot in your mouth.

o    Spit Happens.

o    Love is all you need.

o    Who needs hair and teeth anyway?

o    Laugh a lot.

o    The world is an amazing place.

o    You’re never too old to need a good cry.

o    Everyone needs a blankie now and then.

o    Someone should drop everything the minute you cry.

o    Always listen to your mom and dad.

o    And remember, there’s something new to learn everyday.


Special Thanks to: Maurício, my husband, who have sent me this lovely text by e-mail and Rafaella, my lovely and sweet godaughter.


Comentários em: "All I Need to Know About Life I Learned from My Son (Daughter)" (2)

  1. Viemos para esse mundo já sabendo o mais importante: Love is All you need. Thanks. MM

  2. Sandy disse:

    Totally true! Amor é tudo nessa vida! Lov u!

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