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I need no permission to live, to love, to dream.

I am the boss of my own truth,

My world, my universe.

I enjoy inviting people around me

To walk into my world.

Whoever wants to visit it is welcome,

But please come in

Free of criticism or prejudice.

I am a woman and, by nature,

I carry on my shoulders the weight of the world.

I want to be a guilty-free woman.

Be a good wife and always a good lover.

Be a good mother but go nuts once in a while.

I want to take care of home and

Be able to run away from it when I need to.

Then go back, vigorous and fresh,

Humming a song.

I want to lead my life, to have a job,

Go after something

to fulfill my personal quests.

But I don´t want to prove my competence,

I know what I can do and

That is what matters!

I can love unconditionally,

Live insanely.

Be elegant, follow etiquette rules.

But I can also break rules

With no harm to anyone.

I can feel the world pulsing in my veins,

Feel the pain

And weep tears of sorrow for humanity.

What about my own pain?

I can cry compulsively.

Joy? I can laugh my worries off,

Adapt myself to the new writing rules,

Break them all when feeling emotional

And I find it fantastic!

I want to wander on my flip flops

When my feet are worn out of high heels.

I want to let the wind blow out my hair,

Smear my mascara every time I cry.

To feel beautiful with make-up on

Or go out in rolls if I have to.

I want to feel proud of the gray hair

Growing steadily every day.

I want to look in the mirror and

Acknowledge my expression marks

As the memories of an eventful life.

Distress? Yes, a lot.

Pleasure? Wow, so much.

Happiness?  So many moments nourished me

And made me smile.

I want to love any kind of love

Daughter´s, mother´s, friend´s,

The lover´s love and the purest one,

The Platonic and the daily love.

I want to be a doting mother,

And kiss the one

With whom I chose to share my life.

Man, woman, younger or older.

I want to go through the ups and downs

Of my hormones,

Even though they drive me crazy.

To meditate and pursue my inner peace

I can be controversial,

Contradictory and paradoxical,

Even polemical sometimes.

I share my stories and astonish myself

To learn that mine are not

The only special ones.

I am not alone

In this beautiful and nerve racking condition.

I am human, I live on planet Earth

I have duties, strengths and weaknesses.

I am a dreamer, living in the clouds.

Sometimes I am an alien,

A creature from another planet

I can fly far and away, I love to feel free

Although the landing is not always smooth.

I can jump off a parachute

And arrive all tangled up at the bottom.

This is who I am.

A mix of nothing and everything,

The fulfillment of completeness,

The conflict of emptiness.

Above everything, I am a woman

And do not follow a script.

I want to write my own history,

Get rid of the chains,

Sing and dance, tap dance and roar.

I want self- respect!

And never, ever stop loving myself.

            Note: This text is dedicated to all women on this Dia Internacional da Mulher

(International Woman´s Day), March 8, 2011.

Translator: Ana Paula C. Doherty

Special thanks to my dear friend Ana Paula C.Doherty that once again translated not just the words but my emotions.

You are really good and special!


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